The Cement Pour for the 2-Story Addition’s Crawl Space (Rat Slab)

On Monday morning the cement truck arrived for the “rat slab” pour (crawl space) for the soon-to-be 2-story addition.


The mason had stopped by last Thursday. He finished the center 3’x3’x1′ pier footing for the parallam which will sit at the mid point of the 18′ addition. In the NW corner, John dug a hole and inserted the sump pump plastic liner.


The mason also cut a notch in the west side wall (patio side) where the parallam will be placed.


This cement pour wasn’t easy. We planned on two helpers to arrive to bring the wheelbarrows over from the cement truck and dump into the crawl space. Only one helper showed up. Because of only having one helper, the truck stayed longer and we were charged extra money ($285.00).


Each time the helper dumped a wheelbarrow load of cement, I used a metal rake to spread it out, and John used the trowel to float the finished surface.


In preparation for the rat slab pour, John placed 6 mil plastic on the leveled ground prior to putting 3 to 4 inches of concrete down. The rat slab was pitched slightly away from the house toward the sump.


Since I was raking in the crawl space I could not take photos of this job from beginning to end. When John got to the corner, I stepped out and captured the final photos of the job.


Without the second helper, the cement pour took two hours.  With enough helpers it should have taken about 45 minutes. We really needed three helpers: two working two wheelbarrows and another person helping John.


John was physically exhausted. It would have been ideal with a pump truck but the company we used doesn’t have one. We should have found a company that did have one because it would have saved us on labor, time and money.


The rat slab is finished and ready for the 2-story addition.

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