The Deck Demolition: Part 1


Now that we have the building permit, it’s time to dig the footing. But first John had to demo the small deck at the back of the house where the 2-story addition will be built.


Using his 18 volt Dewalt drill and a large spade bit, he drilled two holes in the 2×6 deck surface, ran the chain through both holes, hooked the one end back onto the chain making a Y. The other end of the chain was hooked to the type 4 hitch on the back of his truck.


John left about four feet of slack in the chain, stepped on the gas, and voila, the deck’s ledger which was screwed into the masonry with lag bolts ripped out out Brick House 319.


It was easy breezy. What was needed for the job: A 60 ft chain (3/8 gauge),  drill/spade bit, truck and a hitch.


The deck was built with pressure treated wood and was over 20 years old.


Now it’s time to drag it away from the house.


John got behind the wheel, stepped on the gas again, and the deck dropped to the ground.


The deck then started traveling toward the backyard.


Dirt was flying and it was actually fun watching it zoom past me. We thought it would break apart but it turned out to be a fairly strong deck.


The deck is gone, the space is clear and prepped for digging the footing.


Now it’s time to demo the deck. The two tools needed: Sledge hammer and a circular saw.

Stay tuned for Part 2…




One thought on “The Deck Demolition: Part 1

  1. Wow, it is cool that you can pull down a deck with a pickup truck. That must have been a really unstable deck. It does seem like a good idea to have a professional do the demolition for you. I would want to get hurt in this process.

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