The East Side of the House


Last week, John started the lap siding on the east side of the addition. He began with installing a 1″ 1/4 starter strip at the base.


image image

John marked the studs by using a 2″ coarse thread screw to determine location (or if you have a stud finder, that’s fine too). He marked them vertically to the soffit.

Joe loaned John two “Geckos” (siding gauge). Joe had used them on a previous siding job. A pair of Geckos allows one person to install siding; John said, “They’re like having another pair of hands.”

In the above photo, the first board is nailed in (with stainless steel ring shank nails) and the Geckos are holding up the second course to be nailed. Using stainless steel nails is mandatory to prevent bleeding on the Color Plus white siding.

Check out a pair of Geckos on Amazon (affiliate link), click here. If you’re planning on a DIY siding job this summer, you must get a pair; they’re great!


Getting the first few boards ready. Each fiber cement board is covered in plastic, so when nailed, the finish isn’t damaged.


Using the trusty blue 6′ Empire level which is very accurate. Thank you Empire for donating to us a 6′ level and a 2′ level a couple of years ago.image


The lap siding on the east side goes up faster with less cuts. Joe is on the ladder installing the shingle siding.


Having Geckos made the job easier.


Late in the day…


Almost finished on the lower east side…


Next: Movin’ on up to the upper east side….


10 thoughts on “The East Side of the House

  1. This sounds nuts, but I had a dream last night about looking for houses that had to have “Hardie” siding. I woke up and started laughing…evidently I read too many blogs. I am enjoying watching your progress and can’t wait to see the finished product.

    1. Me too. Wondering why the different siding on side and back. Why not the same all the way around?

      Will you use shingle siding on the patio side? And on the front? If so, why not just the same on all of the sides? Was there that much of a price difference?

      1. It had nothing to do with price difference. It’s what we wanted. The shingle/shake look has a textured look and adds more interest. If you go on the Hardie website, many homes use both shingle and lap siding.

  2. I absolutely love this siding and the clever combination of the two styles! The color is perfection…the whole look is so rich and classy. Yummy!

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