The Fascia on Addition

With the exception of the two small areas on the left and right, the fascia and soffit is finished on the back of the addition.


John started with the left side, installing a 12′ long fiber cement board. The board is heavy. First we did a dry fit. After John climbed the ladder holding the board, I stuck the deadman underneath it to hold it in place. He put one nail in toward the top of the board,  otherwise it would fall toward him and crash down to the ground.

After marking the bottom, we took the board down so that he could cut it for an exact fit–and then take it up the ladder again to nail it in.


When we moved to the right side, instead of using a deadman, I climbed an 8′ ladder and held the board up at the bottom while leaning forward and hiding my head under the soffit. John was above me on a 20′ ladder with a heavy nail gun.


A carpet of leaves…


The fascia is installed and framing the house. It’s nice to know we’re getting closer to having the house sealed up for winter.


It looks pretty!  I can’t wait to do the balcony. (In this photo you can see the temporary soffit high above which was installed last winter. It will soon be replaced with the fiber cement soffit.)


Now John is working on installing the fascia on the west side of the house as well as the soffit on the box bay window.

It looks like we have a lot of spackle buckets to recycle!


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  1. If you’re looking to recycle buckets, try contacting local animal rescues. We rescues often have multiple uses for buckets, so it might be worth a try!

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