The Garage Ceiling Demo at Brick House 319

The garage ceiling has 2x10s to support the second floor bedroom (The Book Room). The sheet rock and insulation in the bays needed to be taken out so we can have full access for electrical, plumbing and carpentry. As a result, the last sheet rock demo was in the garage (this week).

IMGP3016The hoarded bins that were so problematic now came in handy for this job. John saved about 40 of them to use during the construction phase.

IMGP3017IMGP3018IMGP3020IMGP3021IMGP3022The demo is finished and the dust is settling. Notwithstanding, the garage door had to be closed for full access to the ceiling making it difficult to breathe. John placed a fan in the side window to vent.

The Good News: The I-beam supporting the second floor bedroom above prevented structural damage from the weight of the books Bill hoarded in the room.


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