The Kitchen Priming is Finished

The ceiling and walls are primed!

Today, John will start painting the ceiling.

And, yes, it’s certainly satisfying !!!

6 thoughts on “The Kitchen Priming is Finished

  1. I have followed your blog from the beginning and have enjoyed it. It’s amazing how different it is now. And it is amazing to me that John is doing most of the work himself. And doing it day after day after day! Does he ever get tired of it? Has he taken any time off from doing it? When did you start work on cleaning it out? Where are you living while you are doing this house? Any idea on when it will be move-in ready? Lots of questions! It is fascinating to me! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Makes me think of Pinocchio: “Now I’m a real boy!” After all your work, the house is getting ready to be a real (ready to live in) home! Congratulations!

  3. How exciting. While primer gives you a great idea what the finished room will look like there is nothing like paint.

    What is the next step? Floors or cabinets? When my Dad remodeled their kitchen he put the floors in before the cabinets because he didn’t want any patching in the future should cabinets be replaced and reconfigured. Yes, it costs more to do under the cabinets but he felt it would be more finished. I think it’s just easier to lay a floor in a square room than to cut around the cabinets. It probably doesn’t pay either as the extra labor costs eat up the savings in materials.

    You’ve got one working bathroom and you’ll soon have a working kitchen. Can the inspectors come out and sign off after that?

    Any news on the leaking French Doors?

  4. Your progress is so exciting! I’ve followed you almost since the beginning and it’s been quite a road you’ve travelled! Well done!!

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