The Kitchen’s First Coat


John decided to spackle the kitchen first. We want the kitchen to be the first completely finished room in the house.

He did a great job with taping and applying the first coat of spackle.


Now it’s time to choose kitchen cabinets. I have an eye on white shaker-style cabinets. And a company contacted me earlier in the summer about DIY soapstone counters which I’ll tell you about soon. John would actually cut the soapstone himself with a diamond blade. The soapstone comes from a quarry in Virginia. Generally, soapstone that is mostly gray is the hardest stone.


John nailed metal corner bead around the box bay window and spackled over it for a nice crisp edge.


I cant wait for the day when I unpack our cuckoo clock that we bought in Germany and hang it on the kitchen wall.


In this photo. John nailed the corner bead around the opening to the dining/living room area. Some people use paper-faced corner bead which is easier to install.

Once we find someone to do the finish coat, John will paint the kitchen. I’m still deciding on what color the walls will be.



6 thoughts on “The Kitchen’s First Coat

  1. Excellent. Won’t be long now before you can paint, do the floor, install the cabinets, counter, backsplash and sink and appliances.

    You are smart to get the kitchen done first.

    You have a working bathroom, the house is sealed and you have water and heat.

    Even though it isn’t done you could move in. That would start to save you some on the hotel costs.

    I saw the most beautiful backsplash at a recent party I attended. The kitchen was white and greys. The backsplash was a mix of metal and glass in a mosaic. Was really stunning. Would look great with white shaker cabinets and a soapstone counter. Or you could go with a pop of color for the backsplash, as long as it is a color you can live with for a long time.

    This is so exciting.

    Is that light at the end of the tunnel looking closer?

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