The Maple Tree

For my blog follower who asked for photos of the maple tree on the east side of the house.

Taken today, a brilliant autumn day…


John will begin installing the soffit on the front of the house tomorrow.

image image

Smaller maple trees started cropping up…

image image image image

Surprisingly, my zinnias at the front of the house are still going strong..


And on the west side of the house too! I’ll miss them when they finally go…

14 thoughts on “The Maple Tree

  1. Sue: I was just looking back thru some previous postings around the time you cleaned out the bunker. I was wondering if you have been in contact lately with Bill? Do you know if he ever disposed of all the stuff that was put in storage units?

    Btw: It is so fun to read your blog and I love seeing the new updated pictures of the house. Absolutely lovely!

    1. Bill passed away in March. We were at his bedside with his good friend. I honestly don’t know what happened to everything stored in a multitude of storage units. He also had things stored in other places, such as a person’s garage, etc.

      1. Oh, boy, that made me very sad. I so wish he could have seen the house finished! I think he would be so pleased. Thank u for letting us know.

        1. It would have been nice if Bill could see the house now. His friend who drove him everywhere stops by regularly to see the progress. He stopped by last night with Bill. (Bill’s ashes are in his car.)

  2. There is nothing like having some established trees. What wonderful color.

    Do you know if there are any fruit trees in the back yard?

      1. Hi, Sue

        You don’t want Bradford pear trees. They are an ornamental hybrid with very soft wood, so branches break off easily. Their seeds will germinate, but the new plants revert back to a Chinese pear parent that has thorns on it. They have become very invasive in the southeast part of the US. A better choice is edible pear variety (whichever will grow well in your zone).

      2. Well, next Fall you can buy some bear root and plant some. By then you’ll have moved on to the yard and have an idea what you want and where they’ll go. Too bad it’s too cold for citrus, but I’d certainly do pear and apple. Maybe cherry and plum if there were room.

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