The Master Bedroom Update

Over the Labor Day weekend, we moved our operation back to the master bedroom in the new addition. I call it the “the new wing” because it’s separate and above the rest of the house.

To access the wing, we climb the original attic access stairs which need to be replaced; the stairs are too shallow. Not a day goes by that we both don’t say how much we love the design of this house with the various levels and privacy of the interior design and layout.


Another project on the “To Do” list is the balcony outside the French doors in the master bedroom. I can’t wait for the day that we can sit out on it while overlooking a garden with a cup of coffee in the morning.


The master bedroom ceiling was put on hold for a little while until John could get help from someone to assist him with installing the ANGLED drywall panels. With the unusual ceiling angle, using the drywall panel lift would be a little too precarious.

It requires a lot of upper arm strength to install ceiling panels; I actually assisted too. While John and his helper, Joe, were both on ladders at each end of the 12′ Sheetrock panel, I was on a ladder in the middle holding the center of the panel while they temporarily put in 1 1/4″ screws so that the panel would not fall.

It’s awkward at best. I then got off the ladder and I used the “deadman” which is a 10′ 2×4 with a 3′ small piece of wood screwed in perpendicular to make a “T.” I held the deadman on the Sheetrock while John checked positioning for the two high hats. He did a little bit of trimming with a razor knife, and once the Sheetrock was in proper position, John used a T-square parallel to the ceiling joist to mark with a pencil where to put in the screws. This was after applying drywall adhesive on the ceiling joists.


After a few hours, we were finished, which allowed John to continue yesterday with the smaller drywall pieces. He used a scrap piece of green board to fill the 34×84 void on the east side.


John used his trusty 20V Lithium Ion Dewalt screw gun which has been indispensable with this huge job we have undertaken. John said, “The screw gun is lightweight and powerful enough to drive 3″ star head deck screws into 2x4s like butter.” Many battery-operated screw guns are not powerful enough to drive longer screws in framing.

Thank you Dewalt for sponsoring us with products.


Every time John touches the Dewalt drill’s trigger, the light illuminates anything he is working on and in any light conditions; this is a fantastic feature too because not all drills have lights.


You can see a 3/4″ ledger in this photo that is 32″ long that supports the base of the drywall panel so that one person can install it. However, I did assist John in holding the panel up during the dry fit so that he could trim around the high hat prior to applying the drywall adhesive.


The east side wall has smaller Andersen windows than the west side wall.


This is the west wall that looks out over the patio and side garden.


I was standing on a ladder when I took this photo looking down at one of the west windows.


After climbing the original attic stairs, this is the hallway in the new wing leading to the bedroom. On the right is the walk-in closet and master bath.


11 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom Update

  1. This is going to be nice. You have plenty of windows to let in light but also enough wall space for furniture and art. That’s not always an easy balance to achieve!

  2. I don’t know why, but today when I appreciated how much you’ve done so far I felt exhausted. You two are like a pair of powerhouses and I’m in awe because when he’s doing work on the house you’re still working, filling orders for flowers and working in your garden. Oh My Goodness!

    However, you’re living your dreams and there’s nothing so grand.

  3. If you look up either “tenacity”, or “endurance” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of John and Sue!

    My goodness, this has been quite the journey and it’s not even over yet. You both have patience in abundance.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m starting to feel like I’ve helped and am exhausted and I’m just sitting my butt in this chair! ;-D I guess it’s all that well-wishing I’ve been sending you both.

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