The Smallest Bedroom Will Be A Home Office

If you look to the right in the following photo, the framed out square on the upper level is in the smallest bedroom–it was an attic crawl space entrance.

The gutted 3 bedrooms, hall bath and hallway.

Standing in the 10’6″ x 8’9″ bedroom, the crawlspace entrance was above the left outlet. This is a cozy room and will be used as a home office.

The next project will be hanging doors in all the bedrooms and closets.

Baseboard will be added in each room too.

All walls are primed and ready for painting.

John will build a desk the length of the south wall with book shelves on the east wall.

With this style flooring there are about a dozen patterns that should be kept in the same course. By doing this, it appears as though each course is one continual 12′ or 16′ board. This takes extra time but worth it.

Lastly, John is now working in the hallway where the 3 original bedrooms, linen closet and hall bath all meet.

The top of the stairs in the hallway required prep work. John secured the 1×4 T&G sub floor with 2″ screws, where it meets the bullnose.

The hallway includes a small foyer that leads to the hall bath and the original attic staircase, which is now the staircase to the new master bedroom addition. The sub floor had a hole in it so John repaired it with scrap 3/4 wood.


4 thoughts on “The Smallest Bedroom Will Be A Home Office

  1. I think 8 x 10 was the size of my bedroom growing up. I think my parents’ master was all of 10 x 12. Ranch house in SoCal built in 1959. Big boom in tract housing at the time.

    That will be a. Handy home office.

    Now, you have one of the bedrooms as an art/craft room and the basement for flowers and maybe partially the office. Does John get that third bedroom for a “man cave”?

    Is there still an attic over the old part of the house and do you still have access to it? A new pull down ladder maybe?

    1. Yes, we have attic space over the original three bedrooms; it’s accessed by a pull down ladder in the hallway. There’s also a pull down ladder in the new wing, located in the walk-in closet, where there’s attic space too–it was code to install a pull down ladder here as well.

      John is not really into “man caves.” The third bedroom will be a guest bedroom. We’ll share the basement space and he’ll use the garage as a workshop.The garage will be insulated and drywall installed.

  2. Can I ask what your thought process was between trying to keep (use) the original wood floor vs. putting in new hardwood? I’d love to hear how you came to your decision.


    1. The original wood floor was only 1/4 inch thick and could not be re-finished. If it had been 3/4″ hardwood and not damaged, we would have kept it and refinished it. Also the floor in the living/dining area was severely damaged due to the weight of everything stored from the previous owner. We had replace bent joists in the basement and install a beam to strengthen the floor. This was another reason the original floor had to be ripped out.

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