The Soffit & Fascia On East Side


After installing the fiber cement soffit, we continued with installing the cement board fascia on the east side of the house.


We just need to fill the small gap and the lower level will be finished.


The soffit on the lower level is 14 1/2″ wide and non-vented. The second story will have vented 12″ wide soffit.


4 thoughts on “The Soffit & Fascia On East Side

  1. John must be thrilled to be outside, and buttoning up the outside ! Even though he’s back to one-man doing a two-man job, Cutting & fitting trim is tons more enjoyable than the endless spackling & sanding. Healthier, too ! I so glad you can get the outside weather-tight, before Winter. We’ve had an awfully dry Summer, which was good for you guys, but the wind’s starting to howl. The fiber-cement board will remain looking good, for a long time. That was a great choice. It will be nice to see the outside done. Keep up the good work ! More power to you !

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