The Stairwell

Since I last posted, John worked on hanging more drywall in the stairwell which leads from the living/dining area to the lower level part of the house.

This is the stairwell directly below the stringers/new stairs which I wrote about  a couple of weeks ago.

John puchased a few sheets of 12′ drywall panels at Home Depot.

He attached an adjustable hole saw to his drill and cut three holes in the Sheetrock for the three high hats which had been installed months ago.

We used the drywall panel lift in the hallway downstairs to raise this panel up to the ceiling.

Here is the panel after it was installed with three high hats. After John screwed the panel in, he also hung the Sheetrock to the right creating a wall to the mud room.

Here’s a photo of the first 12′ drywall panel hung enclosing the mud room below.

And here is the second drywall panel screwed in above the first creating the stairwell.

The two high hats attached to the new stringers above will light the stairwell below.

John also moved the electric to the right at the top of the stairs. It will be a 3-way switch leading to the back door located in the mud room.

The house has four sets of half staircases in a vertical column. Each staircase has six steps.

TIP: Did you know that you can get a discount on a Sheetrock panel at Home Depot if it is slightly damaged? Usually, the damage is on the edge of the panel which can easily be cut away leaving you with a perfect panel to install. Just ask the store manager or PRO DESK manager, and they’ll give you a discount.









8 thoughts on “The Stairwell

  1. One set of stairs did not “look” to be standard “7 x 11;” even 1/2″ difference in height makes a huge difference, but depth of stair doesn’t seem to matter too much.

  2. Your mention of “half stairs” reminded me of a house we rented in WA State until we found one we wanted to purchase. It had 3300 square feet, four levels with a full kitchen upstairs and down. It was an amazing place and it came with something extra, it was haunted.

    Almost every night a man and a woman would go up and down the stairs from the main floor to my bedroom floor and I would finally hit my annoyance level and I’d mentally yell out to them, “knock it off, I can’t get to sleep.” It would be quiet for about 3 weeks and then it started again.

    However since my husband worked nights he wasn’t there alone to hear the sounds but one weekend I went to Oregon and upon return he said “the weirdest thing happened, I thought we had burglars all night long, maybe this place is haunted.”

    For folks like me who love the haunted it was a bonus, but for others, probably not. LOL

      1. Hi Sue,

        The house was built around 1980 and was one block from a cemetery, though I don’t know it that had a connection. The ghosts were a couple around age 27 and they were dressed in evening attire and quite lovely as well.

        Though the couple wasn’t the only ghosties in the house. One night when I had some friends over I saw a boy about age 10, circa 1950ish, he looked about ten years old and was running back and forth at the top stair landing as though lost. And I went up to my sons bedroom and I asked him if he had seen a little boy up there and he said, “No.”

        Yet one thing the house also had was a log fort outside for my son to play in. It was about 10 x 10 with windows and who could ask for more?

        All in all it was like living a fantasy I never wanted to end.


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