The Upstairs Hall Bathroom & Fourth Level Entrance

The hall bathroom…


With the new addition, the house now has four levels plus the basement. In the old brick section, the third level has three bedrooms, a hall bathroom and a bathroom in the original master bedroom.

To climb the stairs to the new wing which is now the fourth level, John is turning the original attic stairs into a staircase to access the new master bedroom wing.


He placed a header at the original entrance to the hall bathroom, moved the old master bedroom closest over 4″ to create a hallway for the stairs leading to the fourth level. The hall bathroom entrance will now be past the stairs.

The header is two 2×10’s nailed together with 1/2″ plywood between them which makes the header 3 1/2″ wide. The header is on top of two 2×4 plates and is 47 1/2″wide supported by two Jack studs.

This will be home to the Amiata freestanding tub.


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