The Upstairs Hallway


Looking upstairs at the hallway leading to three original bedrooms and hall bathroom.


John is about to install the drywall panel leaning against the wall.


I helped him install the angled panel.


He’ll finish up drilling in the screws and then start on the right side of the hallway.

8 thoughts on “The Upstairs Hallway

  1. Do you and John work well together? I’ve seen it go both ways….
    I am really enjoying watching your progress. Beginning to look like
    a real home!

  2. Seems like just a little while ago there were shelves suspended from the ceiling! Love watching the progress.

    1. You remember…thanks for following from the beginning. We were just talking about the suspended shelves the other day. It’s such a huge transformation. I love space and to think of the contents that once filled this house is difficult to comprehend.

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