Three Holes in Basement Wall

A couple of weeks ago, a blog follower asked about the three holes in the basement block wall.


John has already framed out the 2×4 walls in the basement.

The three holes were from the original furnace and hot water heater. The top small hole was for the chimney vent for the gas powered hot water heater. The two larger holes were for the old gas powered hot water furnace (copper baseboard). Below the three holes is the clean out for the fireplace.

The chimney has two flues. One is dedicated for the original furnace and the hot water heater discharge. The second flue is for the fireplace.

We are going to cap all three holes. Our new furnace and hot water heater will have direct vent with PVC pipe outside which is far more efficient than venting out the chimney.

When we bought the house, the furnace was old and broken. It was nearly impossible to access the basement. Bill had a narrow path carved in the hoard leading down to the ground level and continuing below ground to the basement and furnace.

Last winter, when John dug through floor to ceiling boxes filled with electronics and TV tubes as well as magazines and paper, he removed the faulty furnace which was scooped up by a metal picker.

When Bill moved out four years before, the furnace stopped working and the house hasn’t had heat since then.

The new furnace will be installed on the other side of the basement next to the new crawl space. It will be installed soon!



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