Throwback Thursday: One Year Ago Today!

It was one year ago today when the roofers Frank, Ronnie (who also raised our chimney 11 feet), and Matt installed the pewter grey shingles on our new roof (new addition and original house).image

Time flies! It seems like yesterday.


John took the photos…


Most homeowners never see their roof from the top…looks pretty.


All three guys worked fast…


We supplied all the material bought at Home Depot.

image image image image image image

From left to right Matt, Frank and Ronnie. By the way if anyone needs an excellent mason on the Main Line, email me. We highly recommend our mason Ronnie who did a lot of work at our house. He lives near us too. His father went to high school with John’s sister so it was a nice connection.

image image image image

And the maple leaves are once again changing…



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: One Year Ago Today!

  1. You have been at this for a long time! I’ve been following nearly the whole time. I’m thinking you have a move-in planned, even if only into a few select rooms.

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