Thursday & Saturday: Spacklers at Work!

Two spacklers, Victor and Luis, arrived on Thursday to begin spackling.

Victor worked on stilts in the kitchen and dining room and Luis worked from the scaffolding in the vaulted living room.  They both also worked upstairs in the new master bedroom wing.


They used a pump for large areas in the living room and Victor used a spackle knife in the kitchen and dining room.


Luis wore stilts upstairs too.


They worked fast and did a great job.


I blinked and the rooms had a new coat of spackle; they work in a speedy fashion.


Yesterday, a crew of four spacklers arrived and worked all day. The owner, Jamie, stopped by for a couple of hours to look over their work. If anyone  needs drywall installation/spacklers in the Philadelphia region, call Jaime at (484) 213-7093–we highly recommend them.



John took this photo looking into the new master bedroom wing from the windowsill in the vaulted ceiling. We’ll install a railing on the small balcony soon.


Taken from the scaffolding…


Looking good…


This would have been way too much work for John to do and it would have taken forever for him to do it by himself.

The spacklers are like worker bees. They do the job fast, effectively, and it’s done.


Taken from the very top of the scaffolding. It makes me dizzy just looking at this photo…



The dining room looking through to the kitchen.


When the spacklers begin to sand, they’ll use a machine that creates less dust.

Stayed tuned for more photos from the spackling work on Saturday!





12 thoughts on “Thursday & Saturday: Spacklers at Work!

    1. Whoa, that looked scary up on those stilts by the open balcony! I could never do that- too scared of heights! Glad you got a reliable skilled crew, looks like they did a great job!

  1. Wonderful job! So pleased that you found someone willing (and evidently so able) to move your job further along the road. Have you picked out colors?

  2. $1500 for at least three days work for a crew of 2-4 men? I shudder to think how little those men are being paid. Can’t be much more than minimum wage and no benefits.

  3. Excellent. Glad you finally found a good crew at a reasonable price.

    Jaime is an efficient businessman. They’re not working full days at your place because they have a job at another location. This way he can keep them going full time instead of only working half days. He can also combine two small jobs to keep them full time.

    I think you’ll find the fast and efficient at the price pays in the long run. Sure, John would have been able to do it. But how long would it have taken him?

    Wow, paint. Finally. That is the fun part. And remember, even though paint isn’t that cheap, if you don’t like it, it’s easy to just repaint. It’s not like it’s permanent and expensive to fix. You can have such fun with paint.

    Are you considering wallpaper for any of the rooms? I have one room with wallpaper (and got it hung for free!). I painted the rest of the interior myself. I would never put wallpaper on a ceiling. When you go to remove it, it’s an awful job.

    Now I have tall ceilings with picture moulding around the perimeter about 6 inches down from the ceilings. I use it to hand art and really like it. I have lathe and plaster walls so it eliminates holes and the pictures are much more secure. I like it so much I added it to the bedroom which was added in a 1949 remodel and didn’t have the same trim. I added baseboard molding too to unify the interior.

    I’m excited to hear about your colors as you have such an eye for that. Also to see the floors go in.

    1. You always relate to all my blog posts! Since you’re extremely handy yourself, you understand what is going on here. You hit the nail on the head, the spacklers work two jobs at a time, maximizing on time. I love paint and can’t wait to see rooms come to life with color. Yes, I plan on wall paper in my “office,” which is the smallest bedroom in the house.

  4. So glad you were able to find a crew to do the work. Smart business man to take on the job and be featured on a popular blog.

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