Time for a Stump Grinder, a Chair Project and New Wolverines

On Saturday, John spent several hours cutting a large 37″ diameter stump that is on the property line with our neighbor. The tree had fallen in a storm before we bought Brick House 319 and John wanted to cut the stump lower for when he rents a stump grinder.

IMGP3164John quartered the stump and then used a 6ft shale bar and popped the chunks of wood like corks.

IMGP3161Doing this job burned the clutch out on the Stihl chain saw and it’s now at the repair shop.

IMGP3014This chair is the only thing Bill left behind. I have wondered why he didn’t take it to one of his storage units. I plan to sand it and paint it.

IMGP3065John’s 4-week old abused Wolverine work boots on the left deserve a break. The new pair on the right is now working overtime.



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