To My Loyal Followers: Thank You!

Thank you for the torrential downpour of comments and emails from my followers. I appreciate all of your support and each one of you giving your thoughtful 2 cents worth on why I should Keep Calm and Carry On  with my blog.

I’m not going to dwell on the negative topic of ignorant Internet trolls because they’re not worth a split second of my time. It wasn’t just the one comment about being “rich.” On a daily basis I get contentious comments that are personal attacks, lies, etc. Sure, I let the majority of them roll of my back, but I’m human, and after awhile, it takes a toll.

I monitor comments before approving them. Each comment has an IP address. Yes, I can block people and I do, but they can follow again under another bogus email. Of course their IP address remains the same if  they sign up to follow on the same computer.

What happened: I woke up at 3:30AM due to worrying about our budget, I turned my laptop on half groggy and read yet another comment; this one about being “rich” and buying expensive things which flat out screamed ignorance on the commenter’s part. I loathe ignorance!

Initially, I deleted the comment and it followed all of the other dumbass comments to the “comment cesspool.” A few minutes later I started banging away at my keyboard with my post. I dragged the soiled comment out of the cesspool and clicked ” approve.” I just hope the commenter is never called for jury duty; he won’t listen to all of the facts before making an informed decision. Scary!

Knowing I have a group of educated, open-minded followers that genuinely want to see the final outcome of the house, I will continue on with the blog focusing on the progress of the house and sprinkle it with occasional diversions which might be of interest to all of you (i.e. a visit to wherever….).

As all of you stated, if people don’t like it, just move onto another blog, or better yet, maybe an orchestrated reality show suits you better or a Hollywood gossip show. And that’s fine, I won’t judge you for watching one of those shows. It might be “escape” for you. But the key is that I don’t judge what people do (unless it were to directly hurt me in some way or another). Personally, I watch PBS, but please don’t judge me for it.

It might appear that I’m a jetsetter but I’m not a “rich” jetsetter. And I have my job of over 18 years to thank for opening up the world to me, meeting tons of people from all walks of life that I otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet. Yes, I serve them meals and pick up their trash, but whether it’s a street sweeper, a Saudi Prince, a famous iconic movie star or a notorious politician, I treat them all the same. I don’t care if someone is rich. I don’t care if they’re poor–but I run when someone is ignorant.

So the comment directed at me about being rich was flat out weird to me. So what if I was rich?  Would that make me a bad person? Only an ignorant person would make such a comment. And if  I bought expensive things, what does it matter??

And so what if I’m making an attempt with advertising, even though it’s not  Home Depot–again just weird!  It’s triple ignorance! He probably saw a Google AdSense Home Depot ad, even though I have no affiliation with the company. If he personally visited Home Depot’s website, Google AdSense picked up on it and bingo, the Home Depot ad appeared; that is how Google AdSense operates. (Ads appear on YOUR recent Internet searches.) I’m not choosing the ads that you see on my blog.

If anyone wants to ‘unfollow” me, simply click the unfollow link at the bottom of the post alert that is delivered to your email box. You don’t need to email me and tell me to take you off the subscriber list. Just click “unfollow.” It’s really easy breezy but apparently some people feel the need to let me know that they have decided to “unfollow” me by emailing me and saying things like “Take me off your list NOW!!!!” Wow!  I didn’t know that my blog was about religion and politics combined. Maybe I’m on another cloud or something?

Many of you mentioned that I “deal with the public” at my job and yes indeed I do. But there’s a few major differences: A) I KNOW who I’m dealing with on an airplane. I know their names. And there are consequences to someone’s actions on an aircraft. Just that fact in itself stops people in their tracks. B) I’m in control of the situation with policies in place for out-of-hand situations. C) I also work with a team of others where we collectively share our thoughts on how to handle a myriad of situations that arise. And believe me, I have dealt with everything imaginable. D) The moment I put my uniform on I am in the at-work-mode. I have to be “on” for an onslaught of people in a tube at 35,000 feet. I have to be quick thinking because of things people say to me and how I respond. When I’m on my laptop working on my blog, I’m in a relaxed mode in our rental or in a hotel room on a layover. I’m not in the same mode as when I’m at work. The second I walk off the airplane and off the airport premises, I TURN THE WORK MODE OFF.

Of course, with the Internet, it’s anonymous, and that is the major difference. I do have a very thick skin, I was born and raised in New Jersey, and lived there until recently. For those of you who haven’t been to NJ, take a vacation there (yes, there are many very pretty parts of NJ) but you’ll get a taste of how NJ people operate, think and act and you’ll GROW an extra LAYER of skin.

St. Augustine — ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’

If any of you ever pass through NJ and would like tips on the very pretty parts to visit, email me, and I will tell you EXACTLY where to sightsee. You’ll be presently surprised!


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