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Yesterday, the Andersen windows were delivered-all 24 of them.

At 6AM this morning, we picked up the two sets of French doors at Home Depot which I ordered a few weeks ago. Fortunately, both doors were packed in a wooden crate and fit perfectly in the bed of the pick up truck. We had to make a separate trip to Home Depot to pick up the Thermatru front door.

I’m sitting in the living room under the new vaulted ceiling as I write this post on my iPhone. It’s a busy day; the plumber is here working in the basement, the mason is working on the chimney, the window crew is wrapping the house in Tyvek, and will install the Andersen windows and doors in the new section of the house.

John ripped off the concave roof on the existing part of the house and is sistering the joists. He’ll ¬†install the OSB boards by the end of the day. Later today, the roofer will cover the roof in NO. 30 tar paper, and on Saturday, he’ll install the Timberline shingles.

Cooridination is key….


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