Update at Brick House 319: Andersen Windows & Bobcat Rental for Footing

I started writing this post last night. For some reason the power went out in our condo at 9:30pm, I lit a few candles and twiddled my thumbs.

Due to getting the runaround with Andersen windows, spraining my ankle and back and forth conversations/emails with framers, I was spent each night–when it was time tap the keys on my lap top.

I was also temporarily burned out, especially with the colossal waste of time with Andersen– a mentally draining experience. (More on this later; keep in mind that when ordering windows from sales reps or sales people, they work on commission so it’s a very similar experience to buying a car. Every line item has to be looked at for sneaky up sales which can add thousands to an order.) My best advice is–if at all possible– place an order with someone who doesn’t work on commission.

Today, John will be renting the Bobcat to dig the footing.  The weather is supposed to be good for the next week. The digging needs to be coordinated with the inspection and concrete pour so we need at least three days of good weather. A friend who John went to high school with plans to come over and help.


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