UPDATE: Still Applying Mud

I didn’t intend to take two weeks off from blogging but I got caught up with other things and my time became limited. As we all know, time flies!

However, I always find time to blog no matter what, and because we’re STILL spackling, I felt uninspired to continue writing about the ongoing and never ending spackling phase. It gets a little boring and I’m sure boring to read about.

John has completed the first coat of “mud” in every room. Our original plan was to hire someone to do the final coat. However, we have discovered that one person with spackling experience doesn’t want to come in tojust do the final coat.”

They realize John has already done all the work which includes all the taping, corner bead and first coat of spackle. Nobody is interested in coming in the house, picking up the provided spackle knife and using the provided bucket(s) of spackle.

The reason why: They can’t charge what they want to charge. They can’t even mark up the buckets of spackle because we already bought the material. One qualified guy isn’t interested in working on their day off or on a Saturday to earn extra cash. They all want a “team” of guys to come in and do the whole job and those are the jobs they take.

In our case, obviously, John already did all the work. In this area, and in many areas, there’s no such thing as one guy coming in to do a “final coat” to earn “extra” money. We have exhausted all avenues.

So John will have to do the final coat as well. We’ve called local union halls, we’ve called local companies that sell drywall, we’ve asked other contractors, we’ve walked up to other homes under renovation, they all want to bring in a “team” of guys.

The 3 quotes we had gotten from drywall contractors were all over $11,000. So we did it ourselves which takes  a lot of time for one person but that’s we signed up for so no surprises, no complaints–this is DIY.




10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Still Applying Mud

  1. Cheer up! The end is in sight. Undoubtedly both you and John are capable of finish spackling and probably way better than those $11,000 guys. Don’t forget, when the room is painted and furnished, a few bumps or dips won’t show or if they do, will add that elusive “character” the TV refurb guys yammer on about. Curb that perfectionism!

  2. This is probably a good thing. After all the care and attention John and you have put into the hard work renovating this house, You may not have been satisfied with the quality of work done by someone else. You are on the home stretch now. It will be a liveable home soon.

  3. It’s such a long exhausting road but your perseverance will pay off. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel but you have both worked so hard and done such a great job that you will enjoy it all the more. I just wish there were some tradesmen that could just help you out at least a little bit.

  4. While it may not seem like it now, this is probably a blessing in disguise.

    Chances are if you could have found anyone to do this they would have done a quicky crap job. It would never have been as meticulous as John’s work is. And wouldn’t that be a shame to put all of that work into a job, only to have it spoiled at the very last?

    Every time you looked at that crappy job, either when the light hit the painted wall just right or having to redo it yourselves, you’d be burning inside and kicking yourself for throwing good money out the window.

    Yes, it is a pain, it’s slow, it’s all that. But in the end, looking back, I think you’re going to be happier you and John finished it off yourselves. No one takes the time or is as meticulous with other people’s houses as you are with your own home.

  5. I think you’re better off having John do the work because it’s his house and he’s building your future vs someone else who has no vested interest in the project. And with work on homes there’s always something that presents challenges and one just has to work through them.

    You’ll get there and be happy with the results.

  6. I had the same issue recently with the new HVAC system I had installed in my home. I was able to purchase my furnace and AC condenser at cost – as I had previously worked at a plumbing wholsale company that still allows me to purchase at cost. The difficulty came when I was trying to get bids to install. Everyone wanted me to buy the units through them, as they charge a decent mark-up. The estimates for install of my units were 2-3x the normal install rates. I was able to find someone eventually after a lot of phone calls.

    1. They want the whole job or nothing. Again, you would think a contractor would want an extra job and charge you for the labor installation. I guess we’ll have to assume so many are flush with cash and can turn down jobs. If they can’t do the mark-up on material, they run. Also, if you ever have an addition built, buy the lumber yourself–don’t have the framing company buy it.

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