We Have Walls!

It’s Memorial Day and we’re making major progress with the drywall; it’s going faster than I thought.

When the Sheetrock is installed, it’s an immediate transformation. Rooms are created with walls along with privacy. It’s also bright white with a clean look. Up until now, everything has been brown–brown studs and brown insulation paper.

The Sheetrock also makes the windows stand out more. I’m now envisioning all sorts of colors for the walls, window treatments, furniture, etc. Since I have a blank canvas/clean slate, my mind is running wild with ideas.

The decorating phase will undoubtedly be fun and exciting.


After John completed the kitchen last week, he continued with the drywall in the dining/living room. In this photo, he has a Sheetrock panel on the drywall panel lift. First, he cut out the holes for the 12 high hats followed with drywall adhesive on all the ceiling joists. (This is why guys in the trade say, “glue it and screw it.” )

The panel on the lift is ready to be installed. After the panel was in place I held it at one end until he drilled a few screws into the joists making it secure.

imageJohn left the area above the kitchen entrance open intentionally because he wants to put a time capsule in one of the four voids before closing it up.


Standing in the dining area with the ceiling finished and the east wall.


I took the above photo of the east wall in the dining area in January, when John was installing the insulation.


Standing in the same spot, I took this photo yesterday. (Windows are covered in cardboard.) To the right, John is on the ladder where it opens up to a 20 ft vaulted ceiling in the living room.


The wire between the windows is for a wall-mounted flat screen TV.


Next: The Living Room




10 thoughts on “We Have Walls!

  1. Thank you for sharing the progress you and John are making on your beautiful home. It’s amazing to see the transformation from hoarded house to a much loved dream home.

  2. Your commitment, hard work, is amazing. This job would have worn down lesser human beings. High Fives! And thank you for taking us along for the trip.

  3. I have followed you from the Hoarders House days and the transformation is astounding. How much longer before you are able to move in?

  4. I’m in awe of the progress you’ve made and it’s been a catalyst for me in new ideas about redecorating for months on end. Though it reminds me of what my fixer house looked like 8 years ago. It needed something everywhere! The bathroom was a horror. I’d never seen a room so dark and bleak in my life and I fully expected a total demo but with a little creativity the list of fixes were addressed.

    So keep the work photos and comments flowing because I’m certain there must be others who have become inspired as well.

  5. It does make all the difference. I remember when my Dad was adding on to the family home and it went from studs to drywall. Suddenly the rooms just brightened up with just the grey of the drywall instead of the dark studs.

    When I bought my house it was brown. Or dirty beige. I hated it. So the first thing I did was immediately paint every wall and ceiling pure white. Made a huge difference. But some of the rooms were cold with that stark white. So I eventually started adding color. Took me years to decide what to do with some of the individual rooms. I painted the dining room last. They are all different colors.

    I’ve also painted my ceilings. I have a pale periwinkle blue ceiling in the bedroom. Dark cobalt blue ceilings in the library and sewing room (one to eventually have gold stars painted on it) and a light gray in the living and dining rooms. The only rooms that still have white walls and ceilings are the kitchen and bathrooms. I have very high ceilings so wasn’t insecure about putting color on the ceilings. One thing I would never do is wallpaper a ceiling. My library had wallpaper on the ceiling and walls and it was awful to remove. Not even with chemicals and a steamer as it was paper on plaster without any priming or sealing. I had to patch and seal it and ended up putting wallpaper over it. But whoever removes that will have a much easier time. I also did some ragging off and sponging in various rooms. I stenciled one room. Did a little faux finishing.

    My feeling is it’s only paint. If you don’t like it, you just paint again.

  6. The drywall progress is exciting!! And what a fun idea to put a time capsule in the wall. All those special touches are making it a true home for you and John.

  7. Oh, a time capsule! You two have the most wonderful ideas. We’d love to know what goes into it (or at least most of what goes into it, as I assume some things may be a secret).

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