We Must Be “Rich!”

I just received a comment from someone who said that “We must be rich” because I wrote about my trip to London.” Obviously this subscriber failed to realize that I’m a flight attendant and that I WORKED the trip to London. I actually wrote the following words in the London post: I “worked” the trip.

Under the “About” link I explain that I’m a “Flight Attendant.” Whether I work to Paris or Boise I go everywhere. Yet this person has said they have been following my blog? He/she obviously read the London post but didn’t see the word “WORKED.” Or did they just scroll through the photos, skim over the words and proceed to make assumptions? It astounds me how some people don’t want to know the FACTS and choose to believe what they want.

This person also said I’m advertising Home Depot and Amazon. I have mentioned, I think, twice Home Depot in previous posts. In no way do I have any partnership or financial gain in mentioning Home Depot. I only mentioned the store because we shop and buy products there. Who doesn’t??? I might have said something like “John went to Home Depot and purchased____.” And that was it. In fact, Home Depot DECLINED my blog when I applied to be an affiliate partner. Go figure! They declined a renovation blog that gets a minimum of 4000 hits daily.

About Amazon: In order for me to spend hours on this blog on a daily basis I need to generate something rather than NOTHING. I signed up for Amazon Affiliate. I have made NOTHING from Amazon! In fact it has cost me subscribers because many have made inaccurate assumptions.They think I’m making money, when in fact I haven’t made one red cent from Amazon. I feel the need to be redundant for obvious reasons.

Many bloggers partner with affiliates. However, for me, it’s not working. I have not made one penny. The subscriber who said I must be rich because I went to London also said that because I mentioned Home Depot and Amazon that they aren’t going to follow my blog anymore. That’s perfectly fine, but I’m setting the record straight. However, I’m sure he/she wouldn’t even take the time in reading the facts in this post anyway.

I have a gutted house with no running water that is taking FOREVER to coordinate subcontractors and permits, yet I’m being accused of being “rich.” Rich people don’t wait, they having people working for them and getting things done for them. In the last 30 days I have watched five framing/additions near Brickhouse319 START and FINISH. Yet, our house remains gutted because we’re rich??? If we’re so rich then why did John just break his back in the last year doing work that people flat out said to his face and my face they would NEVER even attempt. If we’re rich, wouldn’t we HIRE people to do all of that work and PAY them. That’s what rich people do, right? And good for them because if I was rich I would do the same thing: Hire people, let other people do the hard & dirty work because I would have loads of money to pay them, and I would kick back and write a blog just for the fun of it, preferably on a tropical beach somewhere off the grid or from an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora (with wifi of course).

About Google AdSense: I added Google AdSense to my blog which are the ads that you see on the right side of the blog and sometimes a text ad (there are a total of 3). Do you know how much I have made from Google AdSense in the 3 weeks since I started with them? A whopping $101.00. And they have not yet released the paltry amount of money to me because there’s a $100 threshold. Who knows when I’ll actually get it.

At this point, and we’re now on the verge of starting the new addition with the framers, I’m having mixed feelings about continuing with this blog. The assumptions people make are so off base, so disappointing, so ludicrous that it makes me want to stop the blog altogether and take it down. All it takes is one click of the key and the site is deleted.

I invested a lot of time in this blog; I have spent hours and hours on it. In fact I wasted too many days on it when I could have and should have been working on the house, not a computer where I set myself up to be accused of all sorts of things; it’s mindboggling.

When you turn on the TV, there are advertisements. Without them, you won’t have a TV program. When you open ANY magazine, you see advertisements, without them, there wouldn’t be a magazine. When you go to the movies, you see advertisements before the movie begins, when you watch a sporting event, you see big splashy ads EVERYWHERE. When a race car driver does an interview, don’t you love all of the sponsors splashed ALL over his/her race car getup that they wear? Yet, little me with a blog about a hoarder house has to plug along for absolutely no gain whatsoever. I can’t even try?

I’m supposed to spend hours everyday writing about the work that is being done on our house and do it all for FREE. I WOULD  HAVE TO BE RICH TO DO THAT!!!!!! And God forbid if I mention that I worked a trip to Milan or Zurich; I’d probably be tarred and feathered by some people.

In the very beginning, back in April, when I started this blog, someone made a comment (a lie) and said we must live on a trust fund. Why did they say that? Because the house is on the Main Line of Philadelphia? It’s a split level on the Main Line of Philadelphia!!–not a drop dead, sprawling, gorgeous home with a Maserati in the driveway and owners who belong to one of the many country clubs in the area. It was another ignorant comment from someone making erroneous assumptions.

I simply can’t even comprehend how people can be so baseless in what they say. I like facts and without them I won’t even make a comment until I know the whole story. So for me to read a pack of lies, really blows my mind. This happens to celebrities but at least they’re being paid millions to deal with it.

I’m not being paid to write this blog. In the 3 1/2 months this blog has been on the Internet I did write ONE sponsored post but I will never write another one. What I was paid didn’t even cover the costs associated with keeping this blog running. It’s not worth it to write an occasional sponsored post just for the reason that subscribers or people who hit on the site DON’T want to see that I got paid. And by the way, I haven’t received payment for the sponsored post yet.

I won’t be hasty and take the blog down right away and then maybe regret it. I’ll think about it for a week or so.

The bottom line: It will be extremely disappointing for John if I take this blog down.





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