What I Planted! 30-Minute Garden Project-Gronomics

Yesterday, I finally had time to plant in my Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed (click link for assembling Gronomics).

TIME: 30-Minute Garden Project (In 30 minutes I had a small garden).

WHO: This garden project is ideal for city dwellers who have limited space, anyone who lives in an apartment, townhouse or condo, homeowner’s who have limited yard space or small properties, anyone who wishes to have a small garden with low maintenance/low time, great for a teacher’s classroom, wheelchair accessible gardening, and anyone who lives in shade with a pocket of sun to place the garden bed. This is a portable garden!

(Recently I drove by a house on a shady property and the homeowner had placed an elevated garden bed in their driveway close to the garage door–the only spot where there was full sun.)

What I planted: From Lowe’s Garden Center, I picked out one Better Bush Tomato plant which is perfect for an elevated garden bed because it’s very compact and works well in small gardens. It bears sizable fruit in abundance.

I also chose two Sweet Banana Pepper plants. These plants are fantastic for containers. They’re sweet and mild and extremely prolific. My brother suggested I grow these. He said his plants yield tons of peppers. I can’t wait to cut them up, add to sandwiches and whatever I grill on the BBQ.

Of course, I planted Sweet Basil. I can’t live without growing basil. If you only have ONE choice of herb to grow, it should be basil. I pretty much add basil to just about any food I prepare. It loves the sun, it loves to be watered and it grows fast, and bushy.

Because I already have a vegetable garden, I chose to plant African Marigolds and Blue Salvia in the garden bed for a touch of color. If I had a radish plant I would have planted one. I looked in several nurseries and couldn’t find any. I also would have planted two more herb plants next to the basil (parsley and rosemary). I’ll take the marigolds and blue salvia out and replace them with two or three herb plants when I get them.

Next year, I’ll be growing from seeds which I’ll start in February under a grow lamp in the basement. Let’s just say, when I’m not working on an airplane, I’m perfectly content in my garden, fooling around with flowers and propagating seeds. I go from dealing with masses of people in sometimes stressful, hurried and rushed situations to the solitude of being in a therapeutic garden or creatively arranging a flower bouquet.


The garden bed’s bottom boards are removable. I can easily dismantle the Gronomics if I want to store it during the winter. It would take me less than 5 minutes to take the bottom boards out, slide the side boards out, pull out the four posts, stack everything and store in the shed or garage.


A potting soil fabric liner is included with the Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed to prevent soil from slipping through the cracks.


This is where I want to make a correction; the product information included with Gronomics stated that it requires a bag of 50 dry QT potting soil. I poured an entire bag in the garden bed and decided it definitely requires more soil.


I added another bag of 20 dry QT potting soil. Miracle Gro potting soil has always been my favorite. I’ve used it for years and I’ve always been happy with the results which literally is bolder brighter flowers and productive fruit and vegetables.


Before I started planting, John placed a long rectangular wood pallet which we had saved from when our Hardie fiber cement siding was delivered to us (12ft long). We saved it knowing it would come into good use for something.

John placed it on the ground in front of my vegetable garden where we get full sun. We set the Gronomics elevated garden bed on top of the pallet so that when it rains, mud doesn’t kick up on the legs. Due to the renovation, we don’t have grass or a green lawn so using a pallet is a perfect solution to prevent a muddy mess.


I planted two rows in about ten minutes. The back row from left to right: Two Sweet Banana plants and Better Bush Tomato plant. Front Row from left to right: Blue Salvia, cluster of African Marigolds and Sweet Basil.


After planting, I actually added more potting soil to backfill. So the total amount of potting soil used was: ONE Bag of 50 dry QT, ONE Bag of 20 dry QT plus another 8 dry QT  = 78 dry QT of potting soil.

In the photo, you can see I didn’t fill the soil to the top. There is about 3inches of reveal. So if you do this project, purchase 2 bags each of 50 dry QT and you’ll have a little soil left over for a small container. Each bag is about $12.

Total potting soil cost is approximately $24.


The total cost of plants is approximately $28.


As I mentioned in my previous blog post about assembling the Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed I partnered with Lowe’s Home Improvement Center who provided the products to me to write about on my blog. I’m under no obligation to write about the products given to me and only write about products I personally approve of and would purchase myself. I would definitely, without a doubt, purchase a Gronomics product for myself or to give as a gift to someone who has a green thumb or wants a simple, easy and small garden.

TIP: After planting, two people can move the elevated garden bed. Wait until the soil is on the dry side and lightweight. Due to it’s construction, carefully lift the garden bed at each end and move to a new desired location.

After planting, I thoroughly watered the elevated garden bed. Every 2 weeks I’ll feed the plants Miracle Gro plant food.


6 thoughts on “What I Planted! 30-Minute Garden Project-Gronomics

  1. Nice project! But, for all the beginning gardeners out there, you’ll never find radish plants at the garden center. Radishes, like other root crops (including carrots, beets, rutabagas, turnips, etc.) need to be grown from seed. They don’t transplant well at all.

  2. Sue, I never thought when I joined your blog to satisfy my curiosity about your “horder” home, that I would be getting so many gardening tips!! It’s such a nice bonus!!

    I, like you, find such joy and am able to de-stress best with dirt under my fingernails! 😀 Keep the master gardener tips coming! I’m learning so much and having a blast!

    On a side note, in MT when call the Burpee and all other catalogs that come in the spring “seed porn” mainly because they come before we can even plant yet! ;-D

    1. My very FAVORITE seed catalog is John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds. You probably get it too. But if you don’t, sign up for the catalog. They ship quickly and I have always gotten great results in germinating seeds. Of course, Burpee is great too.

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