What’s in the Backyard Bins

When: November 2014

It was now the week of Thanksgiving. John and I went in the backyard and started to lift bins laden with wet brown leaves in standing water. Soon it would be frozen leaves in ice. Below is just a sampling of what was in the bins. Tomorrow’s post will have many more insightful photos.

In addition to the 800 bins in the very back of the property, an additional 200 to 300 bins were located on west side of the house and on the fence line on the east side of the house as well as the bins behind the shoddy addition. It was a sea of ugly blue, grey and green plastic. Plastic, plastic, plastic….

Phone photos 309

Bins on the west side of the house leading from the back yard to the driveway.

Phone photos 305 Here is a large metal cabinet on the left filled with “stuff.” John is seen here walking toward the driveway. Literally, it looked like a junk yard which got me thinking; last week we were on Route 1 in Bucks County, PA and we looked to the right where a junk yard was visible from the road. I started to think that if Bill was even remotely into cars, he would have probably hoarded vehicles in the large backyard. Maybe he would have creatively covered them with sticks similar to how a beaver artistically builds a dam. But Bill didn’t own a car and didn’t drive. Up until four years ago, he walked everywhere. Bill is a self-professed “computer/electronics geek” and fortunately not a car buff.

Phone photos 332Phones from the 1970s and 1980s…

Phone photos 340

Old boxes of wire very neatly stacked in a bin.

Phone photos 344More bins found under a tarp in the back corner of the property filled to the brim with magazines and catalogs.

Phone photos 333

Empty glass and plastic jars.

Phone photos 316I popped this lid and discovered a note. For those of you who have asked about Bill’s magazines and what kind he saved, this photo represents the genre of the majority of magazines hoarded. There were other bins with the same note.

Phone photos 338Phone photos 337Many bins were filled with TVs from the 80s & 90s and computer monitors from the 1990s.

Phone photos 306

Phone photos 371We lifted this tarp and discovered computer boards and more TVs.

Landfills have cracked down and TVs and computer monitors are not allowed in dumpsters. We would place the eyesore items on the front lawn and someone regularly stopped by to take them off our hands. (He recycled them.)

Phone photos 322All winter, things were placed out front to be taken. It was never-ending with the quantity of junk placed out front.







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