When Both Roofs Were Ripped off Brick House 319

I was just looking through photos before the new addition was built and came across this one which I don’t believe I posted on my blog (maybe I did but not totally sure).

When I look at it, I think of Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ lyrics: “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.” Well, the roof was off the house for about two weeks before the new construction began.

I definitely wasn’t happy about having a room without a roof–not for that amount of time. The house was wide open.

If I ever have Pharrell on one of my flights, maybe I’ll ask him why anyone would be happy with a room without a roof?


Time was not on our side….the entire spring and summer was nothing but a series of roadblocks  for us.


And then John ripped off the second roof and built a new one. It had to be done because the roof was in terrible shape.

The one good thing about ripping off both roofs was getting rid of the bats. They had nowhere to hang their hat upside down and had to find another place to make their baby bats cozy for their hibernation period. They are gone! And I’ll never forget that creepy sound they make.

This has really been one big ball of fun!





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