Wine Barrel Container Garden

Yesterday, I spent part of my morning at Lowes Garden Center.

While choosing a variety of flowers and vegetable plants, I added a half-wine barrel to my cart. I always find it hard to resist walking by the stacked barrels without wanting to buy a few. They pretty much can go anywhere and in any setting.


There are several reasons why I love having rustic wine barrel container gardens. Firstly, they add old-world charm to a patio or deck and beautify a driveway entrance. The barrels are also roomy making them ideal for planting a variety of plants including vegetables, herbs and small shrubs.

For those of you who live in warm year round climates, the half-wine barrels are perfect for Pomegranate, Guava, Key Lime, Kumquat, Limequat and Bonanza Peach. A grape vine supported with a trellis or stake is yet another plant that would be paired perfectly and appropriately for a wine barrel.


Of course, the half-wine barrels are readily available at Lowes where I chose a Wood Barrel Planter ($39.98). There is also a slightly smaller fiberglass wine barrel to the right ($29.97) in brown or black (this size might be more appropriate for a front stoop).


I chose easy annual workhorse plants in contrasting colors that will bloom all summer: Yellow African Marigolds, Pink Vinca Impatiens and Deep Purple Salvia. I’ll add trailing ivy and sweet potato vine to drape over the edge of the barrel.

(Other non-stop blooming summer plants to consider: Aster, Gloriosa Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Purple Fountain Grass, Moonshine Yarrow and Dahlia, among others.)

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4 thoughts on “Wine Barrel Container Garden

  1. You’re lucky the barrels in your area are wine barrels. Most of ours in Kansas are whiskey barrels and they often smell of whiskey, which fortunately doesn’t last long. The wine/whiskey barrels are a favorite of mine, too.

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