Without Ladders

A couple of photos without the ladders…


Looking forward to placing a comfortable reading chair in the corner of the balcony. From there, we have a clear view out the two large picture windows at the front of the house. During the day, we see the clouds pass by, and at night, we see the moon and stars. Today, it’s raining and good for the garden!


My mind is really swirling about what to hang on the spacious wall to the right (above the seating area in front of the fireplace). It will most definitely be something that we’ve picked up during our travels to here, there and everywhere.




7 thoughts on “Without Ladders

  1. I like giant maps on walls, world maps, old world maps, modern colored maps, topographical maps, etc. It may be fun to mark all the places you have traveled.

  2. SO darn exciting! Did you ever think you’d finally get to this point? I’ve followed you since the beginning, and it’s wonderful to feel your excitement and share your dreams!

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