Yesterday’s Flower Explosion

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Yesterday, I had fun creating a lush garden-style wedding centerpiece in the backyard. I was finally able to tear John away from work in the house to take a few photos of me. He doesn’t really stop working so I really had to time it well. It was 7:30 PM before I could get him to walk away from his dry wall job.

It was a nice break for John. He always would help me with my floral business. Actually, without his help, I would have had to hire someone and that would have cut into my profit. I kept my overhead down, which is a key factor in having a floral business. The floral industry is a highly saturated market and extremely competitive. Boy, the stories I could tell!


My focus in the floral business now is all about giving instruction on how to create floral bouquets, flower centerpieces and any floral decor for weddings.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m collaborating with Flower Explosion based in Wilmington, DE (not too far from where I live). The company ships flowers direct to the customer from flower farms in Colombia and Ecuador. They arrive in the same exact way as they do at flower wholesalers where florists buy their flowers. The flowers arrive in long rectangular boxes via FEDEX. They’re shipped overnight from Miami where the boxes go through customs from Central America. My four boxes of flowers were flown from Miami to Philadelphia International Airport, picked up by a FEDEX truck and dropped off at my front door on Friday morning.

When ordering flowers shipped to your door, you MUST be home when they arrive. Otherwise, the FEDEX delivery person might drop them at your front door without knocking. The flowers will suffer and die in the summer heat. This can easily be prevented by following FEDEX tracking.

On Friday morning, I had to go to the doctor due to a serious poison ivy reaction. I told John before heading out the door to watch out for the flower delivery. I had a feeling FEDEX would not knock on the  door and the boxes would literally be left in 90 degree heat with extreme humidity. John had his eye out and saw the FEDEX driver doing exactly what we assumed would happen. The driver was setting them down in the sun without knocking.

My point is that I have heard people say that they ordered flowers to be shipped to their home, and when they opened the box, the flowers were dead. To avoid problems and dead flowers, customers must be at home the moment the flowers arrive.

The flower boxes have to be immediately opened, the flowers need to be conditioned by cutting their stems at an angle, placing in buckets of fresh, clean cool water with floral preservative and placed in a cool environment. A basement is a good place to store flowers.


The final result: A lush, soft-toned, garden-style wedding centerpiece. Flowers used: Hydrangea, ‘Wedding Kiss’ garden roses, lisianthus and ranunculus.




8 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Flower Explosion

  1. How beautiful. You have a definite talent. Your John’s work ethic continues to amaze me. You have both accomplished so much. It has been awe inspiring watching the transformation of the house from when you first took possession of it, when it was literally crammed to the rafters with things, to now. I admire you both.

  2. Your wedding arrangement is stunning! In fact, you could become another educator like Martha Stewart. In her early days when she had much input from others she offered a lot of lessons on “everything home” and you too are multi-skilled and you might give that some thought.

    I’ve received inexpensive roses by FED EX and upon opening the boxes they were wilted and after placing them in water as you have suggested I was surprised time and again how rapidly they resumed that fresh look and lasted about 7 days.

    1. You’re too nice! Martha Stewart was well connected with an x-husband who was a big publisher in Manhattan. Her foot was solidly in the door to rise to fame. But, you never know…Thanks for your compliment(s)! I appreciate your interest in my blog 🙂

  3. Sue can u contact me at my email about order flowers from your business. I saved that blog entry but can’t seem to locate the info now. I may have a weekly order for you!
    My email is


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